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Property & Casualty Insurance

Our Approach

We partner with your organization to develop and implement engineered insurance, loss prevention and risk management solutions designed to assist you in reducing your Total Cost of Risk and maximize your bottom-line profitability. From Risk and Exposure Assessments to Business Transition Plans, we serve all of our clients by securing tailored and competitive insurance programs to improve workplace safety and enhance profitability.

We help your business or organization accomplish this by following our unique, client-centric approach:

Analysis, Identification and Assessment - Utilizing a holistic approach, we thoroughly analyze your direct and indirect exposures to loss as well as your current loss prevention and risk management programs as part of a comprehensive discovery process designed to identify the best approach to ensure that your business assets are properly protected.

Collaborative Establishment of Goals and Objectives - Prior to approaching insurance carriers and service providers, we work with you and your Risk Management team to confirm the mutual goals and objectives to guarantee that the solutions we seek on your behalf will allow you to measure, monitor and manage in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Insurance Program Design and Development - Based on the particular risk exposures you have/may have to lose, we design a comprehensive program approach to ensure that the proper insurance program design, loss prevention and risk management services have been properly identified to help you drive down your TCOR.

Implementation - Having designed the risk-management program, we negotiate the best possible terms, conditions and pricing available in the market.

Continuation - As markets and risks change, we adapt the program design and implementation accordingly, while keeping you informed of the changes.

We are committed to helping our clients realize the most considerable benefits possible through active loss prevention or control, careful insurer selection, and optimized program design.

Cyber Insurance

In the 21 st century “cyber” risk has become the biggest threat to most organizations. Older insurance policies written for “brick and mortar” risks are inadequate to address these threats. Many insurers have developed a wide variety of coverages to meet these needs, but no two policies are alike. The Beacon Group’s advisors keep abreast of developments in this ever changing area, to find the most suitable cover for its clients.

Safety and Loss Control

There are many benefits to having a safe workplace. Employee accidents not only result in lost time and reduced productivity, but can increase costs of Workers Compensation insurance. For retail firms unsafe practices or hazards can lead to liability claims and even loss of reputation. While compliance with OSHA regulations is important, firms should go beyond them and follow best safety practices.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare facilities face challenges of patient care, employee injury, waste disposal and compliance with government regulations such as HIPAA. In addition to Professional Liability, specialized coverage for sexual abuse or molestation and data breach is a necessity. The Beacon Group’s experience includes nursing homes, mental illness and drug treatment facilities, and pharmacies.

  • Construction

    Both general contractors and subcontractors require insurance to meet their exposures. Depending on their size and experience, contractors may be able to purchase broad policies or be forced to use “surplus lines” insurers with restricted coverage. Because of our experience, The Beacon Group can negotiate and place the broadest coverage available.

  • Law Firms

    Because of the wide varieties of cases they handle, law firms must manage large amounts of data in addition to fulfilling their professional duties. The Beacon Group has worked with firms ranging from one person offices to large organizations with specialized practices.

  • Wholesale Manufacturing and Distribution

    Wholesaling is the sale of goods to anyone other than the end consumer. In addition to traditional risks and exposures – property damage, business interruption, theft, shipping, supply chains – manufacturers need to protect complex production machinery and computer systems. The Beacon Group offers customized business insurance for many types of wholesale manufacturers and distributors.

  • Nonprofit Organizations

    Whatever their mission, nonprofits work with youth, adults and special needs populations. Because of their unique missions, these organizations need specialized insurance coverages not found in standard Property and Casualty forms. The Beacon Group offers customized insurance for nursing facilities, senior services and other social agencies.

  • Hospitality and Entertainment

    In serving their customers, hospitality and entertainment businesses face exposures including premises maintenance, food safety, customer and employee injury, and threats to reputation. The Beacon Group insures many types of operations including hotels, bars and taverns, nightclubs and restaurants. We can place specialized coverages including Liquor Liability and Assault and Battery.

  • Environmental Insurance

    A major challenge to business is unanticipated environmental liabilities such as contamination, mold, pollution and toxic chemicals. Proactively managing environmental exposures is more important than ever. Standard commercial general liability (CGL) policies provide little or no coverage for pollution damage. Most companies need to purchase a separate Environmental Liability policy to cover the exposures the CGL policy excludes. The Beacon Group offers customized insurance for business owners, contractors and consultants.

  • Retailers

    Whether operating a single location or a nationwide chain, retail stores are exposed to property loss, liability claims including defective products, shipping and delivery claims, and crime loss from employees or outsiders. Store owners must comply with lease and contractual insurance requirements. Online sales present additional exposures. The Beacon Group is able to place the coverages retailers need.

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