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AI Data - A Problem and its Solution

September 01, 2020

In a post last June on the website, Itzhak Assaraf writes that artificial intelligence creates huge amounts of personal data - over 1.7 MB on each person, every second, every day. The more data AI is given, the more it learns and the better it performs. While this learning ability gives AI the power to perform useful tasks, consumers are understandably concerned about the use and abuse of their data.

Organizations use data to understand consumer buying practices and behavior and steer them toward purchasing their products and services. This data has to be stored, managed and kept safe. Data gets copied in various formats with little supervision and less control. Much of it is useless and should be deleted, but if organizations don't properly control it they can be penalized for violating privacy regulations. Worse, unsecured data is a target for cyber crime.

According to Assaraf, the solution to too much AI data is - AI. With its scale, speed, accuracy and automation it keeps personal data in check. It can sort and organize massive volumes of information faster than humans. It can categorize data to meet regulatory requirements, extract personally identifiable information and merge duplicates. AI can also identify data where it shouldn't be and monitor data movements for risk. All these things reduce an organization's attack surface.

Put to proper use, artificial intelligence is the way to get control of our data.