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Active Assailant Risks

May 17, 2023

As anyone who follows the news knows, this year has been a violent one. To date there have been more attacks with multiple fatalities (most but not all mass shootings) than days. In a recent webinar, crisis response firm Merrill Herzog provided some facts and insights:

  • 34% of incidents involve multiple locations,
  • Most businesses are unprepared for an attack and do little to mitigate the risk.
  • Businesses can be found liable for their failure to plan for an attack. If multiple entities are involved, the one with the most money will be targeted.
  • Human and social service agencies have an additional duty of care (their clients may also be especially vulnerable to attack).
  • A "run, hide, fight" strategy does not always work.              

Crisis response firms such as Merrill Herzog can advise and assist with physical security, action plans, threat monitoring (including insider threats and stalking), business continuity, and preparedness training. Law enforcement agencies can assist local organizations. Training in handling medical emergencies can help in case of injuries.  

Insurance is available for active assailant incidents. (Note - liability policies may exclude assault and battery or firearms.) As an example, Samphire Risk offers coverage for attacks using a weapon, malicious threats and stalking. Coverage includes crisis management (included in some policies as an add-on), business interruption, property damage, increased security, loss of attraction, public relations, and post-attack expenses. Their policy will cover an incident within five miles of an insured's location.

Every organization should include a possible active assailant attack in its emergency planning. At Beacon we will be glad to discuss your risk and possible insurance solutions.