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Americans Are Unsafe Online

April 25, 2023

According to a Comcast report last December, 78% of Americans online behavior leaves them open to cyber threats. Risky behaviors include reusing or sharing passwords and failing to update software. Despite all the warnings about poor cybersecurity, unsafe behavior has increased 14% in the last two years.

With more connected devices in homes - the average is 15, with 58% of consumers planning to buy at least one more - the threats will continue to expand. 74% of Americans believe they get less than 10 attacks a month to their home network; Comcast's xFi Advanced Security blocks an average of 23 unique threats a month, with many repeated. 61% believe their devices are protected out of the box; many are not. Only 20% said they'd know immediately they were being attacked, and 32% wern't sure they'd ever know.

While computers and smartphones are the top targeted devices, consumers underestimate the risk from other devices. xFi Advanced Security has blocked threats to smart watches, lighting, thermostats, doorbells, garage openers, sports and fitness equipment, sprinkler systems, cars, drones and pet accessories.

The take-away: understand the threats, make sure devices are protected and follow safe cybersecurity practices.