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Artificial Intelligence As An Offensive Threat

August 13, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is touted as the best defense against increasingly complicated cyber attacks. Aside from governments and a few leading companies, its use has been slow to catch on. Unfortunately, AI is now used by malicious actors.

According to a study by Forrester Consulting reported on the Cyber Security Intelligence website, about half of all executives are worried about AI attacks on their digital and hardware systems. 83% of executives think their digital structure has expanded to make it harder to develop a unified security strategy. 86% of decision makers are concerned about AI driven attacks, and 88% believe it is inevitable they will become mainstream.

Like armies, security teams tend to prepare for the last war. Traditional defenses cannot resist AI-powered attacks. Machines are not only attacking machines, but humans.

Cyber security today requires speed to identify and respond to attacks. Less than 25% of businesses say they can recover from an attack in less than three hours.

Artificial intelligence is no longer nice to have; it is a necessity. Using machine learning, security systems can improve threat detection, pattern recognition and response time. It offers better solutions to analyze mass quantities of data and increase efficiency. AI-based security systems are constantly learning, adapting and responding. Without AI your security team is doomed to fight a losing battle.