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Avoid Workplace Violence When Firing Employees

August 25, 2020
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While violent reactions by fired employees happened before 2020, tensions growing out of the pandemic, the economy and the election make the possibility of violence more likely. In a LinkedIn post Robert Kravitz recommends ways to deal with this threat.

Being fired is not a pleasant experience (I've been through it). Even employees without a criminal history may turn violent. Sometimes their reactions may be delayed.

Kravitz's recommendations:

  • Keep termination secret - don't let the employee have time to plan.
  • Do not use a uniformed security guard.
  • Check social media for possible threats.
  • Provide severance pay, extended benefits or job placement. (if termination is not due to poor performance, the employee could be given time to search for a new job.)
  • Work with a security team.

One additional suggestion - keep other employees in a safe place to minimize casualties.