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Avoid Workplace Violence When Firing Employees

August 25, 2020

While violent reactions by fired employees happened before 2020, tensions growing out of the pandemic, the economy and the election make the possibility of violence more likely. In a LinkedIn post Robert Kravitz recommends ways to deal with this threat.

Being fired is not a pleasant experience (I've been through it). Even employees without a criminal history may turn violent. Sometimes their reactions may be delayed.

Kravitz's recommendations:

  • Keep termination secret - don't let the employee have time to plan.
  • Do not use a uniformed security guard.
  • Check social media for possible threats.
  • Provide severance pay, extended benefits or job placement. (if termination is not due to poor performance, the employee could be given time to search for a new job.)
  • Work with a security team.

One additional suggestion - keep other employees in a safe place to minimize casualties.