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Avoiding Common Ergonomic Risks

March 30, 2022

Kevin Lombardo of Dorn Companies, a workplace ergonomic and injury protection firm, has a post on using ergonomic evaluations to reduce the cost of workers compensation claims and lost workdays.

Here are the most common ergonomic challenges:

  1. Musculoskeletal disorders. Total cost of injuries and missed time is $54 billion annually. These injuries include sprains, strains, tears and hernias and can be caused by overexertion, repeated strain, repetitive tasks and strenuous tasks in cramped spaces. By identifying environmental factors and employee behaviors that contribute to risk it can be reduced.
  2. Repetitive stress injuries. This includes carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. They may be due to poor posture or technique, or using poor tools. Updated equipment and better training will help.
  3. Fatigue. This is a result of inadequate restful sleep. Fatigued workers are impaired and more likely to suffer an accident. Fatigue costs about $136 billion  a year in lost productivity. Risk evaluation can uncover factors leading to fatigue and help workers get more and better sleep.
  4. Chronic pain. More than 20% of American adults experience chronic pain, especially older workers, and it costs employers $635 billion per year. It leads to other health and wellness problems such as fatigue, use of unsafe techniques  and increased use of opiates. By identifying the processes, tasks and environmental factors that cause pain employers can create relief programs.

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