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Be Prepared for Vaccine Mandate

December 30, 2021

The federal government's attempt to impose a vaccine mandate for employers is currently scheduled for review by the Supreme Court. While the mandate may not be upheld, employers would be wise to prepare for the possibility. In any case, it is good management to have a vaccine policy in place.

A post by Mark Walls and Kimberly George on the International Risk Management Institute website ( has a "to do" list for employers:

  1. Draft a written policy.
  2. Inform employees of the policy.
  3. Adopt procedures to determine employee vaccination status.     

         a. Maintain. confidential status record.

         b. Collect proof of vaccination.

        c. Review state laws on confidentiality and medical privacy with an attorney.

   4. Keep a confidential employee vaccination roster.

   5. Determine if you will allow unvaccinated employees to be tested weekly.

  6. Have  a discipline plan for employees who will not get vaccinated or tested.

 7. Have a plan for accommodating religious and disability  issues, to be administered on a basis of confidentiality.

 8. Prepare for OSHA complaints and inspections.