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Building Cyber Resilience

July 03, 2023

A post by Deryck Mitchelson in Cyber Security Intelligence ( stresses the need to go beyond traditional cyber security preventative measures to cyber resilience.

Organizations need to withstand, respond to and recover from cyber incidents while maintaining essential operations and protecting critical assets. Cyber resilience is the ability to make informed decisions to mitigate cyberr isk.

Cybersecurity frameworks are no longer enough to protect organizations from attack. Robust, protective and preparatory work is needed to mitigate threats and reduce risk.

Resilience requires a prevention first approach - the ability to anticipate threats and respond rapidly. It's important to identify vulnerabilities, apply strong security controls, and continuously monitor and improve security practices.

Organizations should embrace the "three C's":

  • Comprehensive: a holistic approach to an organization's infrastructure, applications and data.
  • Consolidated: integrated and centralized security tools and technologies. Multiple security products create gaps.
  • Collaborative: all areas of the organization must pool their intelligence and resources.

Cybersecurity focuses on preventing and detecting attacks. Resilience aims to withstand potential threats. No system is perfect, so organizations must build redundancies, develop incident response plans, and ensure business continuity.