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Cloud Security Risks

August 03, 2020

Cloud security specialist Orca Security has released a report on the state of cloud security in 2020. As reported on the Cyber Security Intelligence website, 77% of organizations have 10% or more of their internal workload either unprotected or unsupported for over 180 days. With about 90% of organizations using cloud based services, this is a major risk.

According to the report, attackers look for vulnerable workloads to gain entrance to accounts. One weak link is all they need. Another weakness is security authentification. Password storage  issues are common.

Other findings:

  • 66% of IT engineers say security is the biggest concern in cloud connecting.
  • Only 12% of global IT sectors understand how GDPR affects them.
  • 60% of organizations have at least one workload at the end of its life, no longer supported by security systems.

Cloud security is something all organizations must review and check systematically.