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Crowd Sourced Cyber Security and Ehtical Hacking

February 16, 2021

You may be familiar with "ethical hackers" as a term for computer experts you can hire to attack your network looking for vulnerabilities. Now as posted in Cyber Security Intelligence this activity is being crowd sourced to cope with cyber security issues.

This approach was first adopted by technology companies and has now spread to finance and insurance. "Bug bounty" programs are popular and one of Europe's leading platforms, YesWeHack, grew by 100% in 2020.

These programs have reduced time to fix vulnerabilities. Almost 70% were fixed within 28 days, and average time dropped from 109 days in 2019 to 44 days.

As remote working, longer supply chains and more third party interactions continue to increase, ethical hacking and crowd sourced security will play a bigger role in organizations' cyber security strategy.