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Cyber Crime Losses Exceeded $1 Trillion

February 11, 2021

According to security experts at McAfee, in 2020 worldwide cyber crime losses exceeded $1 trillion. The FBI saw cyber security questions and complaints increase by four times since the beginning of the pandemic. Interpol reports cyber criminals are now targeting major corporations, governments and infrastructure (there was a recent attack on a Florida water system).

By now the cyber threats we are facing have become familiar:

  • Remote working and online shopping create more opportunities for cyber crime.
  • Pandemic fears lead to phishing emails. (An example would be fake information about vaccines. Register with government agencies, pharmacies or health organizations for accurate information.)
  • Switching to the cloud without getting the details right leads to security weaknesses. See related post on cloud risk to healthcare organizations.
  • Increase in IoT devices gives hackers access to IT systems. Business systems may also be vulnerable.

Organizations of all sizes need to address these threats through education and training at all levels.