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Cyber Security Is Essential For Startups

July 20, 2020

Even during a pandemic, new businesses are being formed. Many of them may be operating primarily or totally online. These new firms should not let preoccupation with hiring staff and developing product cause them to neglect cyber security.

According to a report from technology specialist firm CyberCube, "Incentivising Responsible and Secure Innovation: A Framework for Investors and Entrepreneurs", digital technologies are introducing new vulnerabilities faster than they can be secured. Cybersecurity needs to be embedded in a company from the beginning. According to Ajay Garg, CyberCube's head of engineering, everyone in an organization - not just the security team - has a part to play. Businesses must establish a security culture at the beginning and reinforce it through small attainable goals. The report also recommends that managers lead by example, think creatively and focus on raising employees' awareness of cybersecurity.

In making cybersecurity part of their business model, new companies must also include Cyber coverage in designing their insurance program. Contact a Beacon representative to get a policy that will best respond to your needs.