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Cyber War I

March 15, 2022

The Russian-Ukranian war is the first international war to be fought in cyberspace in addition to conventional weapons. Although Russia began with cyber attacks on Ukranian infrastructure, Ukraine is fighting back. Hackers are participating in attacking Russian websites.

As posted on the Halock website (, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) posted an alert that cyber attacks may extend beyond the region of the conflict, possibly in retaliation for sanctions, and every organization must be prepared to respond.

The CISA provided a list of 95 vulnerabilities that Russian threat actors have been known to exploit. New malware has been identified by CISA, the FBI, and Microsoft.

While to date there have been limited Russian attacks outside Ukraine, this could change if Russian armed forces continue to struggle.

Halock recommends prepardness for an attack and an updated incident response plan.

A note on cyber insurance: while many policies cover cyber terrorism, either directly or as an exception to the war exclusion, coverage may not apply to cyber attacks in support of "kinetic" or conventional war.