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Cybersecurity Must Be Standardized

July 26, 2021

As we suffer more frequent and more sophisticated cyber attacks, every organization needs to be aware of the threats to its cyber security. This includes not just the basic computer network but all connected personal devices and the ever growing Internet of Things.

Commentary by Mark Lanterman of International Risk Management  Institute emphasizes the need to close gaps in cyber security. Disconnects in information sharing can be problematic if deficiencies go unaddressed. Employees, managers and IT personnel (on staff and/or independent service providers) must be on the same page when it comes to cyber security awareness.

Standardized cyber security policies, and sharing information about practices throughout an organization, are essential to improved security posture. New procedures or threats should be communicated to all stakeholders. Security must be taken into account from the start of a project, especially if outdated legacy systems or critical infrastructure are involved. Without strong cyber security cultures, we will all be vulnerable to ever more dangerous attacks.