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Cybersecurity Trends Update

May 22, 2020

From recent posts on Cyber Security Intelligence website, by security company Risk IQ, business consultant Chester Avey and Caleb Danzinger.

  •  Over 300,000 suspicious coronavirus websites were created in the two weeks between March 9 and March 23,
  • Investments in cybersecurity, while expected to grow to $230 billion globally by 2021 - a compound annual growth rate of 12% since 2019 - is expected to slow to an annual rate of 6.2% by 2023 due to the coronavirus recession. This comes as new technologies are in their early stages of development which normally would result in higher growth rates.
  • Malware is expanding to mobile phones and smart devices. New threats are being introduced, many targeting banking systems. Traditional defenses are ineffective, so regular patches and vulnerability scans are needed.  
  • Scammers are impersonating healthcare and government websites. There are malicious and sometimes fraudulent links to outbreak maps.
  • Emails claiming your website has been hacked may be a scam to take your money. if there is no evidence of hacking, just delete the message.

A robust combination of network firewalls, email security and best practices (including verifying legitimacy of websites and being wary of requests for money) is needed to combat these threats.