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Developments in Artificial Intelligence Technologies

February 10, 2023

As summarized on the Cyber Security Intelligence website ( there are more and more uses for artificial intelligence. Despite its title, many applications cited in the article are "old news" but others do break new ground.  

The "hottest" new development is ChatGPT. This is an application of GPT-3, an AI engine that uses deep learning to create texts and answer questions. ChatGPT produces articles that look like they were written by humans; this could be misused by people passing off a ChatGPT product as their original work. It should be remembered rhat ChatGPT is not capable of thinking for itself.

Other AI applications:

  • Natural language generation transforming text into data.
  • Speech recognition transforming spoken language into computer programs.
  • Automated decision management.
  • Natural language processing - how human language and computers interact. Wordsmith is an example.
  • Emotion recognition using pictures or audio. This is used - and could be misused - by law enforcement.
  • Peer-to-peer networks without a server.
  • Biometrics (this technology may be excluded by insurance policies, not limited to Cyber)                                                                             

With increased use of AI comes an increased need for security. AI can automate security processes and aid in identification of suspicious persons or applications.

We can be sure that more new developments are on their way.