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Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration - The Outlook for Cyber

October 07, 2021

Based on the first three quarters of 2021, Steve King of sees an increase in disruption, distortion and deterioration in the cyber environment.

  • Disruption: Over-dependence on fragile connectivity, network complexity, dependence on open source software and micro-segmentation will combine to increase Internet outages. Attackers will target the Internet of Things, medical devices, critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.
  • Distortion: Misinformation spread by bots and automated sources will compromise trust. Social (and political) divisions will increase.
  • Deterioration: Expanded attack surfaces, smart technologies, excessive identity trust and technology expansion will create a target environment beyond our ability to defend, respond and remediate. National security demands will impact an organization's ability to control information.        

In this scenario, do the three Ds lead to a fourth - Doom? King is still hopeful that we can push reality closer to our ideals.

Happy Cyber Security Awareness Month.