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Do's and Dont's in Employee Termination

August 05, 2021
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If employees need to be terminated for cause, employers need proper documentation in case of an appeal. Workplace coach Dr. Lynne Curry explains what does or does not make the case.

  • Don't confuse opinions with facts. Use specific instances of improper behavior instead of a supervisor's statement.
  • Be fair. Anyone employed for a year or more must be doing some things right. List the good points as well as how the employee failed to measure up.
  • Focus on performance problems rather than perceived causes. Criticism of an employee's personal life will result in a counter-attack.
  • Focus on significant issues rather than petty problems, especially if other employees have not been disciplined for those problems.
  • Don't hedge your statements - state the facts clearly and unequivocally.
  • Don't make your case in a way that can be used against the organization.