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Eight Lessons for Business

March 04, 2021

Risk manager Karin Nadels reviewed the book Busy by Tony Crabbe on LinkedIn and extracted eight lessons for organizations worth passing on.

  1. Strategy should not be set in stone. Sometimes you have to admit failure, cut your losses and re-evaluate.
  2. Decide what you want to focus on, and ignore the distractions.
  3. Frame your requests so people understand why you want something done. ("Because I'm the boss" may not be the best way to do this.)
  4. Do the most important things first. (Warning - the urgent is the enemy of the important.)
  5. Distinguish between immediate, short range and long range plans. (Short range is about two to five years.)
  6. Planning should be focused on a few broad goals.
  7. Ask the right questions: sometimes what a client wants is not what they need.
  8. Use adaptive rather than technical solutions.