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Employee Management for Remote Workers

October 28, 2020

With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of easing, managers have to adapt their skills to work with remote employees. Most of them are not trained for this. Without being able to see or hear their employees, some companies are using monitoring systems to check that employees are doing their job. The down side is this can lead to employee distrust and low morale.

Lynn M. Thomas, J.D. offers a positive approach in her article "7 Tips to Have Engaged, Productive and Retain Remote Employees":

  1. This is an opportunity to create life-long bonds with your employees - or shatter those bonds.
  2. Check on each employee. Ask about what you can do to reduce their stress.
  3. Remain flexible as conditions change. Make quick and clear decisions, and communicate them to everyone.
  4. Give employees the chance to express their feelings without criticism.
  5. Have a growth mindset to keep learning.
  6. Increase the appreciation you give employees.
  7. Always be empathetic, but don't use it as an excuse to avoid difficult decisions.

Organizations with a caring culture should have no problem implementing these ideas. Those who don't should rethink their approach.