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Five Data Security Trends

January 16, 2023

A post on the Cyber Security Intelligence website ( lists trends in data security to watch in 2023.

  1. A significant software-as-a-service (SaaS) outage (e.g. Microsoft 365) could have a major impact. Companies relying on SaaS need third  party systems to protect their data. Backup copies on different media, including one copy offsite, are needed.
  2. In spite of inflation, cutting costs on data protection is harmful. With the average cost of a data breach at $9.44 million, budget cuts must be made with care.
  3. Allocate security budgets to include data backup and recovery in the event your system is breached.
  4. Protect data at risk from remote workers. Look for low cost solutions to protect and backup remote data.
  5. If you use cloud backup and recovery services, be sure they track all CO2 emissions in their supply chain.