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Five Recommendations for Better Cyber Security

August 05, 2020

It has been said that we are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It has been described as  a fusion of technologies that blurs the lines between physical, digital and biological. It is marked by developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, self-driving vehicles and biotechnology, and affects industry, agriculture and healthcare.

Everything is connected in cyberspace, like an international electronic nervous system. From 350 million web connections in 2008 there are now 4.2 billion and growing. The interconnected world offers enormous opportunities to individuals, businesses and governments. It also has the potential for catastrophe when misused by criminals and cyber warfare.

At the governmental level, cyber space requires the type of international cooperation previously used to combat piracy and regulate air travel. In the commercial world, organizations must develop their own cyber policies and practices. Cyber Security Intelligence has five key recommendations:

  1. Update software and systems, with new updates connected to user devices when connected to the network.
  2. A thorough cyber security audit of  IT assets and practices, including user compliance.
  3. Continuing cyber security training for all employees and management.
  4. Sales and marketing electronic research, including looking for weak points in client and vendor systems.
  5. Officers and directors must stay informed, with regular updates by information and security officers or outside service providers.