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Five Ways to Secure the Cloud

November 23, 2020

In 2019 global spending on software as a service increased by 50%, and the number of unique cloud apps used by a company rose by 30%. Cloud breaches are also rising; 75% of organizations surveyed by Oracle reported losing data from a cloud and 59% have had their credentials compromised.

Mina Khaki, consulting manager at Data First Solutions, has a post in Cyber Security Intelligence on how to keep cloud data secure.

  1. Use a private rather than a public cloud. It provides better security, more control, is easier to customize and back up among other advantages.
  2. A cloud access security broker can control the 40 to 80 different cloud applications of the average business. A CASB provides standard data security policies and monitoring for all devices and threats.
  3. Multi-factor authentication. According to the Verizon data breach investigation report, 77% of cloud data breaches  involve stolen or breached login credentials. Multi-factor authentication can prevent 99.9% of fraudulent sign-in attempts.
  4. Professional cloud service management. Misconfiguration is the #1 cause of error-related data breaches, and in the top five of all breach causes. Using a professional IT service manager will improve cloud management and security.
  5. Cloud service backup using a platform designed for backup and recovery.