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How Artificial Intelligence Improves Business Processes

September 21, 2020

A post in Cyber Security Intelligence lists and describes the areas in which artificial intelligence is helping organizations find better ways of working.

  • Meetings - voice assistants can schedule meetings, listen in and take notes.  Other tools can transcribe client calls.
  • Marketing and sales - analytics can predict which customers are most likely to generate revenue, allowing salespeople to focus their time and energy.
  • Customer service - automatic assessment of service quality and problem detection.
  • Product development - generative design software takes input and explores all possible designs that fit specifications. Multiple designs can be generated from a single idea.
  • Content generation - machine generated text (over 20,000.lines of copy in a second) helps create and produce articles.
  • Manufacturing - robots can work with and interact with humans.
  • Recruiting - online assessment cuts screening time.

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