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How COVID-19 Is Changing Healthcare Practices

September 02, 2020

Mark Pew on website describes how COVID-19 is changing how healthcare is practiced. These initiatives are becoming the new normal:

  • More automation: as insurers and service providers have furloughed employees they need to do more with less. Automation is the solution.
  • More self-service; on-demand access to real time information on websites or by apps, interactive correspondence and educational videos. Greater use of artificial intelligence.
  • More virtual: as more people work from home or shelter in place, business including healthcare is conducted more through phone or video conferences.
  • More telemedicine: use of telehealth in March 2020 increased by 4,347% over the year before according to Fair Health. With Medicare and Medicaid relaxing restrictions on its use, telemedicine will be the preferred way to access care unless clinical outcomes prove to be noticeably worse.
  • More advocacy: mental health will be more important as part of treating the whole person.