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How Cyber Crime Affects Remote Working

August 17, 2020

Specialist security firm Specops Software has surveyed 2,043 business owners in 11 different sectors. As reported in the Cyber Security Intelligence website, 41% of employees  have not been given adequate cyber security training for working from home. 54% of business owners have seen a rise in cyber crime; despite this 52% would consider remote working on a permanent basis.

Increases in cyber crime since lockdown vary significantly by sector. The highest increases are computer and IT, 78%; medical and health, 73%; and accounting and banking, 67%. The three lowest increases are in creative arts, education and travel/hospitality sectors, all of which have been severely curtailed by the pandemic.

The biggest security concerns were ransomware at 96%, followed by cryprtojacking and phishing at 74% and 67% respectively.

Since remote working will continue for the forseeable future, Specops has safety advice for remote workers:

  1. Use tools that can check current passwords against breaches.
  2. Use "passphrases" - random words - as a substitute for easily breached passwords.
  3. Make sure to verify identities in service desk call to counter social engineering attacks (this is a good strategy to verify any response to an unsolicited message).
  4. Encrypt all devices using company data.
  5. Back up all critical data securely.