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How to Boost Resilience

July 15, 2021

The disruptions caused by the pandemic should cause all organizations to rethink how they deal with irregular operations and conditions. In a post on the MIT Sloan website, Beth Stackpole describes four ways to boost resilience. The post is at

Based on insights from MIT Sloan professors John Carrier and Retsef Levi, this is how companies should apply system thinking to their risk management challenges.

  • Assumptions are not infallible - they must be checked in real time to be sure they are still valid.
  • Be aware of the "hidden factory" - workarounds not factored into models which increase costs - and don't repeat them.
  • Design systems and supply chains for more robust and resilient response to disruptions.
  • Deploy technology for simplicity not over-complication.

By anticipating irregularity, organizations will be better prepared when it happens.