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Insurance for Non-Profits

May 13, 2021

A post by Philadelphia Insurance is a reminder that non-profits, especially health care and human services organizations, need as much if not more insurance as for-profit companies. (Many of the risk exposures of health and human services are the same whether or not for profit.)

Here is a checklist of needed coverages:

  • Property - at least personal property, including but not limited to computer systems. If equipment is owned, equipment breakdown forms today cover electronic equipment.
  • General liability for accidents on premises or arising out of operations, and personal injury claims.
  • Abuse or molestation.
  • Hired and non-owned Automobile liability - if no vehicles are owned, employees or volunteers may use their own vehicles on organization business.
  • Employee theft, including theft of client property.
  • Professional liability for the organization (individual healthcare professionals should have their own insurance).
  • Directors and Officers liability -there are policies tailored for non-profits and healthcare or human services organizations.
  • Employment practices liability, including third party discrimination and harassment. Workplace violence can be added by endorsement.
  • Cyber liability including but not limited to privacy and security breaches.
  • Reputational risk expenses may be covered as "crisis management" depending on terms.
  • Special events coverage.

Beacon can use its experience to place your coverage on the broadest available terms. We will gladly review your present insurance and recommend improvements.