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Job Growth and Decline Predictions

September 15, 2021

The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 11.9 million new jobs will be created by 2030, a growth rate of 7.7%. During the same period many jobs will become obsolete.

In job growth, not surprisingly the largest increase will be healthcare workers (9 of the top 20 categories). This will be both high end - nurse practitioners and physicians assistants making over $100,000 per year - and low paid home health and personal care aides averaging just over $27,000. (Question - will these low paid workers have opportunities to advance?) Information security analysts and software developers will also be in high demand.

The fastest declining jobs will be office and administrative support - 8 categories out of 20. These categories make up almost 13% of current employment. Production and sales jobs will also decline. Automation is making these jobs obsolete.

The good news is that 17 of the top 20 growth jobs have a median salary over $41,950, the median for all jobs. 16 of the top 20 require post-secondary education, so access to higher education is a necessity for a strong job market.