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Performance Reviews That Actually Improve Performance

February 02, 2021

Workplace coach and blogger Lynne Curry notes a 2019 Gallup survey found only 14% of employees strongly agree that their performance reviews inspire improvement. 58% of executives felt their company's management system did not produce higher performance or employee engagement. 83% of HR managers reported their performance assessment systems needed overhaul.

Problems with annual performance reviews are:

  • They don't fix poor performers.
  • Managers don't know how to give reviews.
  • Employees only hear what they want to hear.
  • Managers don't give regular feedback.

The best way to fix these problems is to give regular, frequent feedback. This enables managers, supervisors and employees to resolve problems early; encourages strong performance; avoids surprises; and provides early warning about employees who don't fit in. Managers and supervisors should coach employees, making them feel they are on the same team.

The Gallup survey found that when managers provide weekly feedback, employees are more highly motivated and engaged.