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Productivity in the Age of COVID

September 10, 2021

By now it is apparent that COVID-19  is not going away soon. For the forseeable future, organizations will have to deal with mask requirements, vaccination or testing alternatives, and remote work. The challenge is to stay productive. The Remote Desk website (https;// has suggestions:

  1. Use automated time tracking instead of manual time cards or timesheets.
  2. Delegate responsibly, giving the appropriate work to the right person.
  3. Reduce distractions; limit social media to break periods.
  4. Be able to onboard new employees remotely as well as on-site.
  5. Use quality tools and equipment.
  6. Set realistic goals for employees.
  7. Provide positive reinforcement with constructive criticism and incentives.
  8. Ensure employees are appreciated and happy with their work.
  9. Don't multitask; it wastes time and reduces efficiency.
  10. Pay attention to cyber security, limit use of personal devices and public WiFi. Use strong passwords, update devices and use VPN.
  11. Stay optimistic.