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Repetitive Strain Injuries While Working From Home

February 17, 2022

While working from home offers flexibility, more safety from infection and relief from the daily commute, the downside is most homes are not designed to be workplaces. This can lead to injuries, especially repetitive strain injury.c

As posted on the Ergonomics Help website (, a survey of 856 remote workers showed 40% were not working from a dedicated desk. People are working in their living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. 60% were unable to bring equipment from their employer.

Remote workers in makeshift work stations may not have adequate equipment, ergonomically designed chairs, adjustable monitors or desks, or adequate lighting. This can result in low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, cramps and repetitive strain injuries.   

A survey from the American Chiropractic Association found that 92% of 213 respondents reported more patients with musculoskelatal injuries including neck and back pain since the pandemic started. Chubb reported 41% of Americans had new or increased pain.

Causes of repetitive strain injuries include frequent computer use,  sitting in awkward positions, unsupported arms or backs, and lack of breaks.

Employers should provide remote workers with ergonomic equipment and assess potential work at home risks. Failure could lead to workers compensation claims..