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Securing Connected Cars Against Cyber Threats

April 13, 2022

Digitalization has enabled automakers to develop more efficient cars. It also gives cyber criminals ways to attack those cars both remotely and physically.

In a post on Cyber Security Solutions, Hari Patel discusses the threats and how manufacturers and car owners can respond.

Patel projects the automotive industry will lose $505 billion to cyber attacks by 2024. The biggest threats are privacy breach and identity theft. Other reasons for attacks on connected cars include

  • Networks, processor resources and stored energy in cars.
  • User generated or  collected data.
  • Tamper with the application to get unencrypted data, keys and login details.
  • "Jailbreaking" protection protocols to use an application without security protection.         

Over 125 million electric vehicles are projected to be on the road by 2030.To protect against cyber attacks, here are Patel's security tips:

  1. Virtual private networks (VPNs) to protect against external attacks and secure data.
  2. Vulnerability scanners to check servers and networks for potential exploits.
  3. Install firewalls to monitor outgoing and incoming traffic.
  4. Adhere to cybersecurity guidelines of the Society of Automotive Engineers.
  5. To secure data, manufacturers should implement data protection protocols and encrypt data. Drivers should use strong passwords.
  6. Review third party applications before installing to verify they are safe, reliable and non-malicious.
  7. Update car software with patches.
  8. Turn off GPS which can be hacked. (If paper road maps are still a thing, they provide a safe way to navigate.)