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Seven Stages of Cyber Resilience

July 10, 2023

Most of us have heard of the five stages of grief. Richard Massey of Arcserve has now listed the seven stages of cyber resilience. As posted on they are:

  1. Shock and denial: awareness of risk to business data, and denial it could happen to your business.
  2. Pain and guilt: understanding the gravity of the threat, and regret it wasn't taken seriously.
  3. Anger and bargaining: the anger may be directed at cybercriminals, or inwardly for previous lack of concern. There may be a search for a "quick fix" which does not solve the problem.
  4. Depression: feeling overwhelmed by complexity and impact of potential loss.
  5. Upward turn: taking concrete steps to improve data resilience. Determine critical operating systems and data that need protection.
  6. Reconstruction: work on data protection strategies. Train staff. Improve backup and recovery so a data breach can be mitigated,
  7. Acceptance: with proper controls in place, a business can survive a cyber attack.

Small and medium businesses focus on day to day operations and pay limited attention to cybersecurity. An Arcserve survey showed only 23% of SMBs  have mature data resilience strategies. If your organization does not have a strategy, find a service provider who can take you through the seven stages of cyber resilience.