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Ten Signs Your Computer is Infected

January 29, 2021

Data Guard 365 has a post listing ten signs your computer has been infected by spyware and/or adware.

  1. Frequent, unauthorized changes in your browser home page.
  2. A flickering modem light when no one is online.
  3. While everyone gets junk emails (and one person's junk is another's must read) a sudden unexplained spike may indicate spyware or adware.
  4. A slowdown in launching applications or loading web pages.
  5. Unwanted redirects to websites.
  6. Intrusive banners that are hard to close.
  7. Unwanted pop-ups for possibly illegal offers. If personalized, an indication of spyware.
  8. 900 numbers - usually with a charge - may lead to identity theft.
  9. Foreign entries (unless you made contact first).
  10. Additional, unfamiliar browser toolbars.

Having a security system that will warn you of intruders is a good defense.