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The 5G Cyber Security Revolution

February 05, 2021

5 G technology has been touted as transforming how people live and work. it has the potential to create new technologies and develop new industries. 5 G networks deliver high data speeds, increased reliability and availability, enormous network capacity and improved user experience. As posted in Cyber Security Intelligence, it also offers enhanced security against cyber criminals.

In addition to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, 5 G also leverages network visualization (NV) which consolidates hardware and software resources to help manage problems remotely and optimize network services. NV will make networks nimbler and more responsive in real time. Another new technology is deep packet inspection (DPI) which examines data sent over a network in detail. Service providers can use DPI to check and handle malicious traffic.

5G can also lead to new vulnerabilities. Besides expansion of the Internet of Things, there is the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) including sensors in patients. Cyber security must be stepped up to protect these technologies from hackers. Cyber protection must be dynamic as new threats are constantly arising. This includes educating employees and customers about cyber security.

To stay ahead of cyber attacks, organizations need to detect and prevent crime before it happens. Investing in 5G technology is the best way to reach this goal.