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The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

June 29, 2023

A post on the Cyber Security Intelligence website ( lists the dangers that artificial intelligence is bringing into our lives:

  1. Privacy invasion and behavioral tracking. We are already being tracked on consumer websites and social media. Governments and police departments can use AI for tracking purposes. This can result in misuse such as racial bias and retaliation against political opponents.
  2. Enhanced cyber threats. Cy/bersecurity professionals are using AI to detect and eliminate threats. Criminals however are using AI to devise more complex cyber attacks and compromise cyber security. Formerly we could detect phishing emails by looking for spelling and grammar errors. Now fraudsters can create errorless emails by using ChatGPT.
  3. Widening socioeconomic inequality. AI auromation will largely target blue collar workers while professionals increase their earnings. AI will be less widely adopted by less developed countries. Unless these inequalities are addressed, they will lead to increased social and political turmoil.
  4. Social manipulation. Social media is being used to spread biased, staged and deceitful content including the use of deep fakes to influence people's judgements and spread misinformation.
  5. Too much autonomy. By outsourcing tasks and decisions to virtual assistants we are giving them control over our lives. Without oversight we can lose empathy and solidarity with others.

  These are not abstract threats; they are happening now. As we explore the uses of AI we must remember the qualities that make us human.