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The Easy Availability of Hacking Tools

December 21, 2022

A post by Ashish Khaitan on The Cyber Express website ( describes how tools which can be used to hack computers are available for sale online cheaply from legitimate websites. The problem is these tools can be used by computer security professionals, ethical hackers and researchers for legitimate purposes, but in the hands of criminals they are dangerous.

Some of these tools and their uses:

  • Hack RF One - used for penetration testing but can hack Wi-Fi.
  • Zigbee CC2531 Sniffer - can attack security and home automation systems.
  • Proxmark3 - another penetration testing tool which can target radio frequency identification devices.
  • Wi-Fi Deauther watch - hacks Wi-Fi users to enter their network.
  • USB Rubber Ducky - looks like a USB drive but used for hacking.     

While penetration testing carried out by ethical hackers or security professionals is valuable, it can be exploited by malicious hackers. They can use it to cover up illegal activities, gain unauthorized access or disrupt services.

In many countries the sale of physical hacking tools is regulated by law. However, because of their ambiguous uses it's not possible to ban them entirely.