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The Importance of Remote Work Culture

September 14, 2021

With the Delta variant continuing to drive up COVID-19 cases and uncertainty over vaccine mandates, a full return to offices in the near future is unlikely. With remote work either an option or a necessity, it is important to have a positive team culture. A remote work culture allows employees to stay connected to their organization and each other while working in separate locations.

As posted on the Remote Desk website, this is why remote work culture is important:

  1. It enables a company to sustain continuous productivity and efficiency.
  2. It reduces isolation and fosters a sense of community.
  3. it leads to stronger relationships and better collaboration between in-office and remote workers.

The main elements of remote work culture are up-to-date technology, flexibility and an inviting and consistent mindset.

Remote Desk's tips for building a positive remote work culture:

  1. An environment of trust between managers and workers. Avoid micromangement.  
  2. Share goals and missions.
  3. Have  a transparent remote work policy that includes any requirements for employees to be online a minimum number of hours; to be available in specific time zones; to choose their work schedule; to report to the office periodically; and compensation for home office expenditures.
  4. Regular video or phone conferences.
  5. Have the right tools and remote software.