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The Price of Information

June 29, 2021

One way to understand the scope of cyber crime is to look at what's for sale on the dark web, and for how much. PrivacyAffairs has released a 2020 price index; here are some of the items for sale and their prices. 

  • $25 for a Mastercard and its PIN.
  • $35 for an American Express card.
  • Credit card details and account balance, $150 if balance under $1,000; $240 if under $5,000.
  • Details of payment service accounts such as PayPal.
  • Social media accounts for $5 to $80.
  • Other accounts including Uber, Netflix and HBO for prices up to $1,000 for an eBay account.
  • $20 for a Minnesota driver's license, $80 for a New York license.
  • Cyrptocurrency accounts up to $810.

Vendors even offer daily specials and guarantees that 8 of 10 stolen cards will work.

As Steve King of puts it, the dark web today is the equivalent of the Paris flea market writ large.

If Willie Sutton were alive today, he'd be a cyber hacker instead of a bank robber.