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The Security Risks of Working From Home

June 26, 2023

Data breaches in the United States cost over $450 million in 2022 according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Two thirds of organizations suffer data breaches due to working from home according to Cyber Security Intelligence.

There are several security issues in working from home:

  • Home WiFi networks are more vulnerable than business networks. Small businesses may not be able to assess the security of their remote workers' devices. These workers need guidance to manage their security.
  • Employees who travel may use their devices in unsafe places or situations. 
  • If employees retire or change jobs they must return company owned devices and delete business materials from individually  owned devices.
  • Physical documents must be properly secured and disposed of when no longer needed, preferably by shredding.

If organizations cannot manage these issues they need to reassess their work from home policies.