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The Top 10 Cyber Attacks of 2021

March 16, 2022

According to Tokio Marine HCC International's annual cyber incident report, the top 10 cyber incidents of 2021 resulted in over $600 million in thefts or ransom; 40,000 businesses' IT operations at risk; tens of millions of stolen records; and over one billion airline passenger records compromised.

The top 10:

  • Managed service provider Kaseya.
  • Microsoft Exchange.
  • Airline passenger service system SITA.
  • Colonial Pipeline.
  • Banco Pichincha (Ecuador).
  • Belarus national database attacked.
  • Blockchain exchange Poly Network.
  • Argentina's national registry RENAPER.
  • Apache Log4j - software component vulnerability.
  • Volkswagen USA.   

While these are mostly large organizations, since every business is interconnected all are at risk regardless of size. Even if your business has up to date cyber security, your partners may not.