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The Worst Cyber Attack Ever Got Worse

January 08, 2021

After blogging about the "Worst Cyber Attack Ever" I read a LinkedIn post by Steve King of which describes how a new strain of malware known as Teardrop has gone beyond the SolarWinds hack. This new malware has control of highly sensitive U. S. Federal Court records including information under seal protected by gag orders. These records contain intellectual property, trade secrets, identities of confidential informants, and undisclosed FBI indictments. All of this information is of interest to persons who will use it with criminal intent.

Discovery of this breach closely follows the acknowledgement that the Department of Justice was breached in a SolarWinds attack.

The breached software provider, JetBrains, was founded by three Russian engineers in the Czech Republic, and their product is used by300,000 companies.

According to King and others, this is just the tip of the iceberg.