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There is a Need For Trained Cybersecurity Workers

March 20, 2020

According to a new post on the Cyber Security Intelligence website, education and training provider SANS found in its 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey 57% of respondents reported a lack of trained staff, 52% a lack of time to implement new processes and 48% a lack of funding.

While 84% of respondents said their organization had devoted at least some resources to cyber threat intelligence, in many cases cyber security is secondary to digital innovation. Adopting new technologies and platforms without adequate security opens the door to cyber criminals.

Cyber Security intelligence reports the "hot jobs" in cyber security are data scientist, cyber security engineer and artificial intelligence/machine learning engineer. All of these positions require advanced education and training. They are not cheap hires - average salary in the U. S. is over $120,000 - but organizations who rely on conducting business online (which in these times is most of us) should seriously consider hiring someone in these categories.