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Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends for 2023

February 01, 2023

There is seemingly no end of "top 10" lists as we proceed through the new year. Now Nikita Duggal has a list of cybersecurity trends on the SimpliLearn website:

  1. Automated software in vehicles opens up their vulnerability to hackers. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles have complex systems requiring strict cybersecurity.
  2. Artificial intelligence is being used to build automated security systems, natural language processing, face detection, and automatic threat detection. AI can predict new attacks and notify administrators of data breaches in real time. On the other hand, AI is also used by hackers to develop smart malware and bypass security protocols.
  3. Mobile devices are increasingly a target for hackers.
  4. Clouds are vulnerable to attacks by malicious software and phishing, as well as user error. Security must be continuously monitored and updated.  
  5. Data breaches will continue as hackers try to access personal information.
  6. The growth of 5G networks will bring new security challenges as hackers exploit bugs. Manufacturers need strict standards to control data breaches.
  7. Automation must be integrated with cybersecurity as part of the software development process.
  8. Ransomware targeted to specific industries or organizations.
  9. State sponsored cyber warfare, with significant impact on elections.
  10. Insider threats are a major cybersecurity risk, with 34% of attacks made directly or indirectly by employees.