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What to Look For in a Threat Intelligence Platform

March 29, 2022

With cybercrime and ransomware increasing (Cybercrime Magazine projects worldwide cybercrime costs will reach $6 trillion in the near future), businesses need cyber threat intelligence. This is especially true for businesses moving to digital and cloud infrastructures.

As described by Mayur Rathod on the allperfect stories website (, threat intelligence software is a digital system to provide information about current or emerging threats. Using this intelligence, organizations can build a defense mechanism to mitigate the threat of a data breach.

What can threat intelligence software do?

  • Develop cyber resilience by becoming more proactive to threats.
  • Stay up to date on threat methods, vulnerabilities, targets and bad actors.
  • Keep leaders, users and stakeholders updated on cyber security.
  • Update the company on cyber threats and business repercussions.      

Cyber security needs to evolve and be vigilant to meet changing threats. A good intelligence system must identify indicators of compromise and recommend necessary actions.

Organizations should choose a threat intelligence platform that is dynamic. Questions to ask:

  • How many devices can it cover? It should cover all endpoint devices, including smartphones and laptops.
  • Does it provide security from third part vendors? Third parties need to have and verify their own security.
  • Can it deal with new types of threats, evolving best practices? Systems must update or be updated.
  • Can it be customized to your industry?
  • Can it be easily integrated into your cyber infrastructure?