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What You Need to Know About 5G

October 09, 2020

You have probably read or heard bout fifth generation - 5G for short - internet connectivity. (For those who have lost track, 1G was analog voice, 2G digital voice, 3G mobile data and 4G mobile broadband.)

As described in a Cyber Security Intelligence post, 5G will be multitudes faster than previous technology, and much better at handling thousands of devices simultaneously. It is designed to support as much as 100 times as much traffic capacity and network efficiency as at present.

5G is needed because mobile and data consumption is increasing daily and is expected to multiply five times by 2024. Existing networks are getting congested, leading to interruptions and breakdowns in service.

5G will be instrumental for many businesses and will speed up technological advancements. Many countries are launching 5G services this year. By 2035 it is estimated 5G will empower $12.3 trillion in economic activity and support 2 million jobs worldwide.