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Why You Need A Cyber Security Audit

August 13, 2020

In today's cyber world, organizations have to manage cloud computing, data analytics and remote working. They have to deal with complex privacy regulations and sophisticated cyber attacks. Maintaining security and regulatory compliance is a monumental task, especially for smaller companies.

To deal with these issues, the Cyber Security Intelligence website recommends regular cyber security audits. They will test and assess your security, identify and resolve new vulnerabilities, and stay ahead of threats and regulators.

Audits are divided into a gap analysis and a vulnerability assessment. They are valuable for organizations that have not documented their risks, vulnerabilities and exposures. They are also important for expanding businesses which need too implement new controls and manage increasing amounts of data.

Auditors will examine threats posed by careless employees, weak passwords, phishing attacks, insider threats, denial of service attacks, employee devices and natural disasters. They can assist internal administrators and help them do a better job.

Auditors use a wide selection of software and professional knowledge to find gaps and security flaws. However, external audits are expensive and probably should not be used more than once a year.

An independent review is a backup to internal controls and outside service providers. They should be used to inform management that controls are working properly, or that improvement is needed. They can help mitigate the consequences of  a breach, and assure clients their data is being properly protected.