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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Cyber Security Staff?

January 13, 2021

A post in Cyber Security Intelligence cites a survey by security firm Trend Micro in the United Kingdom in which 41% of IT decision makers believed they would be replaced by artificial intelligence by 2030. Only 9% were confident they would not be replaced. 32% believe eventually all cyber security jobs will be automated.

It is safe to say that AI can do many jobs better and faster than humans, and cyber security is an area where it must be used to control cyber attacks. The concern is how it will be used to transform the workplace.

Will most of us be replaced by robots? Or will AI create more jobs than it eliminates by opening up new opportunities?

The most important statements in this post:

"... AI can be designed to empower people to share their skills and knowledge and the scope of human intelligence will always exceed even the most powerful AI".

"'s important to remain focused on using this powerful technology to support humans, not replace them".

There is a risk that businesses will use AI to undermine their staff. Criminals will use AI to advance their objectives. We must learn to control AI, not let it control us.